SEO Edmonton

SEO Edmonton
Are you interested in learning how SEO services can boost your web presence and help grow your Edmonton business? 123 Marketing offers simple solutions for your business. Engines like Google don’t provide a formula for success. Instead, they have secret algorithms that are changing constantly and the market is left to adapt and overcome.
There are several conventional ways to improve your SEO. The first is to start with on-site optimization which essentially makes sure that your website is doing everything it can to be easily read and understood by Google and your users.
The second is through off-site link building where we build a spider web of links, which traditionally has been the internet’s way of ranking websites. If more people are linking to a website then it is probably a more relevant website and search engines like Google will put it ahead of others with fewer links.
Investing corporate advertising dollars on SEO for your Edmonton business will increase the amount of traffic and visitors to your website. What’s more, it will help to convert those visitors into real customers. If your website is designed effectively, that usually translates into calls, emails and more revenue. As with any marketing expense, 123 Marketing recommends continually evaluating whether SEO is actually improving your bottom line or not. 
Many factors contribute to a prosperous local search strategy. 123 Marketing will work on the following major elements of typical Local SEO Strategy for your Edmonton business:
- Website: Local customers visit a company’s website several times before starting with the search engine of the website and prior to buying. 123 Marketing can help you make your website relevant and easy for the local customers to search you.
- Local Content: Your website content should be relevant and attractive to readers. It should provide a fair idea to the customer about the services you provide. 123 Marketing has professional content writers to provide you with the appealing content.
- Citations: Local businesses are constantly challenged to differentiate between good and bad advice. 123 Marketing’s citation tool brings you out of this problem and lets you identify the sources that search engines use. It improves the visibility of your website to the local customers.
- Customer Reviews: The next most important ranking factor is customer reviews. 123 Marketing will show you strategies to achieve customer reviews. Once you know the strategies, you will receive both positive and negative comments.
- Reviews are an essential part of Local SEO and getting more customers to your Edmonton business. It’s obvious that the customers take a look at the reviews about your business before getting an insight into the website. 123 Marketing will help you get positive reviews for your business by setting a review page on your website, by creating a review handout  and by handing the card to every customer and asking for a review. Their web developers aim at ranking your site among the top local search engines.
In conclusion, Local SEO is one of the best bang for your buck marketing ideas a business can make. Let 123 Marketing take all the hassle out of this process for you. Call 1-855-343-5666 now to find out how you can benefit from local SEO.
SEO Edmonton
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