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Marketing can appear to be a commodity to the Average Joe Business Person. But, what if I told you that you are rolling the dice every time you hire a promotion company? Are you are looking for a web design firm that offers bang for your buck solutions? At 123 MARKETING, we don’t sugar coat promises or results. My name is Nikolas and I handle every file personally. Why don’t you give me a call and see what solutions we have for your business?


search engine optimization Edmonton

search engine optimization Edmonton
123 Marketing is a new type of company. One proprietor managing many sub-contractors and freelancers. 123 Marketing is a Web design and search engine optimization services, marketing support company based in Canada and serving the greater Edmonton area, specializing in providing first-class professional marketing strategies for small to medium-sized businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency. 123 Marketing wants to ensure that the experience is fun and affordable and that they are able to bring their clients’ visions to live. 
With almost everybody searching for the products and services they want on the internet, getting a business website will take your business to a higher level. 123 Marketing has been doing Web design and search engine optimization services professionally for many years in Edmonton.
To effectively grow your identity, it all comes down to and Search Engine Optimization. The most trusted Edmonton company providing these kinds of services is 123 marketing.
Engines like Google don’t provide a formula for success. Instead, they have secret algorithms that are changing constantly and the market is left to adapt and overcome. There are several conventional ways to improve your search engine optimization for your Edmonton business. The first is to start with on-site optimization which essentially makes sure that your website is doing everything it can to be easily read and understood by Google and your potential customers.
There is some back end strategy choosing the titles of your pages and ensuring the content of the website related to the titles.
The second is through off-site link building where 123 Marketing will build a spider web of links, which traditionally has been the internet’s way of ranking websites. If more people are linking to a website then it is probably a more relevant website and search engines like Google will put it ahead of others with fewer links.
Spending money on search engine optimization will increase the amount of traffic and visitors to your Edmonton business’ website. If your website is designed effectively, that usually translates into calls, emails and more revenue, through a greater presence on the web.
As with any marketing expense, 123 Marketing recommends continually evaluating as to whether SEO is actually improving your bottom line or not. 123 Marketing does not believe in doing things just because you have always done them that way in the past or because someone tells you to.
Business owners who are interested in hiring 123 Marketing to provide search engine optimization services for their Edmonton business most likely have many questions. 123 Marketing welcomes you call at 1-855-343-5666, where a specialist awaits you. Many clients want to know how much SEO will benefit their business, whether SEO will last forever, if results are guaranteed. These are great questions, and many of them can be answered by visiting 123 Marketing’s website at and learning more about the services that they provide.
When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, through search engine optimization solutions from local Edmonton company 123 Marketing, give them a call today.
search engine optimization Edmonton
123 Marketing
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search engine optimization Edmonton search engine optimization Edmonton search engine optimization Edmonton

I want to give a big thanks to Nick and the rest of the guys at 123 Marketing. This was my first website building experience and they made it so easy. I never felt like I had a dumb question and they always explained things to me. I would highly recommend 123 Marketing for your next website in the Edmonton, AB area.

Shayla Earnshaw